From our May 17th, 1989 entry.

“Maybe Hate Is What We Need”: Part 1 of the Complete (and growing) Timeline of Trump Hatred.

A History of Donald Trump’s racism. Part 1, His and his Family’s early years.


To say President Trump is a racist, is just too damn easy these days.

But his racism envelops so much, puts so much poison into the American zeitgeist, makes the simple commonality of citizenship so difficult, I thought it would be helpful to remind people just how bad he’s gotten and how back it goes.

There have been lists and articles dealing with Trump’s racism, but each one laser focuses on just one area of his bigotry and hatred. I wanted place where everyone could come and see for themselves just how toxic he really is.

Now, this is not just a simple list of all of Trump’s racist antics. That’d be too easy. How he became what he became matters, and is cited below. We also go into the ways Trump’s various poisonous attitudes have spread. We cover his attitudes toward Blacks, toward Immigration, his hostility to Muslims, his desire to erase President Obama’s legacy, as well as the ways his sycophants and supporters have spread racism, and its twin sister violence across America and the world.

This is a live list, and unfortunately, the President will be giving me multiple opportunities to update it. But if there’s an event, a statement (or a Tweet) that I’ve missed, please feel free to comment below, and I’ll do what I can to add it in.

Links to sources are in the titles, and sometimes in the text itself.

All Time Codes are Pacific (that’s where I live. Sorry).


Trump’s July-August 2016 fight with the Khans. (Added December 28th. 2019).

And now before we start at Trump’s racist present, we have to dive into his past…

1892: Friedrich Trump attains American Citizenship:⁠

In a letter to the Prince-Regent of Bavaria in 1905, Friedrich mentions this is the year he attains American Citizenship.

May 1904: Friedrich Trump applies for a Passport:⁠