#VettingBernie: Collecting the 2020 Receipts

Don’t you figure SOMEONE ought to?

Malcolm Johnson
86 min readJan 28, 2020


In 2016, I wrote a timeline exposing some of the more negative aspects of Bernie Sanders’ life and political positions. It was called #VettingBernie, and became a bit of a hit on Medium if I do say so myself.

I stopped feeding it when it became clear that Bernie wasn’t going anywhere, and that there were bigger and oranger fish to fry.

But now, it’s 2020, and…well…Bernie’s back.

Thus, so am I…

In this new 2020 version of #VettingBernie, I will continue to lay out all the things that Bernie and his legion of deranged supporters DON’T want you to talk about or even know about.

I’m laying things out a bit differently this time, putting links directly in the dateline above the text. If you see something underlined, assume it’s a link, and you can go read the material for yourself. This way I think the timeline will load quicker, and you can have access to some research in case the Bros come visiting you.

Needless to say, more material will be added in the coming days, and will try to separate the early part of his life from his Presidential Campaign Life which will have it’s own Medium post in the coming future.