Malcolm Johnson
28 min readFeb 17, 2020

Because it’s not just the candidate that needs vetting…

While, I’ve already started a clean, hard Vet on Senator Sanders record on another page on this site, I realized how much stuff I had on “BernieBro” as well, and how much of that material needs to be shared and vetted as well.

And yes, before you go on and on, “BernieBro” is an accepted term in common usage describing the worst of Bernie’s supporters be they, Male or Female. So, I will be using that term on this site and using it frequently.

So attached are going to be articles and pieces that are still up on the web showing off BernieBro’s antics, or screengrabs of BernieBro’s tweets, since it is the stated position of the author that if you encounter BernieBro in Social Media and they start harassing you, you should block and report them immediately.

But not before screen-grabbing what they said. (And feel free to screengrab stuff and send it to me on Twitter @admiralmpj).

Trust me, this is just the beginning.

22 October 2009: Wait for it… (fast forward to March 7, 2020)